Spiritual Corporeality

Suzan Tunca

Doctoral thesis

October 31, 2023

Janneke Wesseling
Sher Doruff

Available at:
Leiden University Repository



Spiritual Corporeality: Towards Embodied Gnosis through a Dancing Language

Suzan Tunca investigates numinous dimensions of embodied experience through the dancing body. The main thesis of Suzan Tunca’s research is that the dancing body can act as a creative interface between the physical and the metaphysical. Tunca weaves corporeal theory – embodied and verbal reflections on dance experience – and discursive practice – a dialogue with perspectives from physics and psychology as well as metaphysics and revelation – together into a dancing language. This dancing language conducts movement and thought toward an experience where the sensible and the intuitively intelligible come together.

Suzan Tunca’s thesis resonates in the dance and music performance SEI, which navigates on the edge between improvisation and choreography. SEI brings together Tunca’s PhD research at PhDArts and Bracci’s PhD research at docARTES. The musical dimensions created by Bracci support Tunca’s search for a polyphonic body: a multilayered, sensory-suprasensory resonating space that draws together physical and metaphysical layers of being, seeking to unite dichotomies between gravity and levity and between matter and spirit.