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Jack Segbars
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Research summary

The emergent ‘artistic object’ in the post-conceptual condition

In his research project Jack Segbars investigates the question of where the ‘object’ of art finds itself. Segbars researches the fabric of the art object’s configuration in the contemporary art field through his own artistic practice, as well as through theoretical means.



Jack Segbars (1963, NL) studied fine art at AKV/St.Joost Den Bosch. He is primarily engaged with the conditions and parameters through which the concept of art is created. To this end, Segbars has investigated the different forms and positions that shape artproduction and that are at play in the formation of the notion of art: autonomous visual art, art in public space (including the neon text, Van Alles Is Weer Waardeloos/ everything is worthless again), the role of language and theory in the art discourse and the role of the curator. The interconnections between the different positions (critic, writer, curator and visual artist) are explored as artistic investigation. In 2009 he produced the publication Rondom-All around the periphery (Onomatopee) that deals with the overlap of positions and domains. This publication was produced in conjucuntion with an exhibition addressing the relationship between the visual image an it’s textual derivatives. In 2012 this was followed by Inertia, a travelogue of visits to Palestine in which the interrelations between art and politics are researched. Next to his praxis as visual artist, Segbars regularly writes reviews and articles on art and art-related subjects a.o. for Metropolis M.

Selected projects:

  • Rondom, DCR The Hague, with Fucking Good Art, BAVO, Empathy™, QS Serafijn, Domeniek Ruyters / Frances Stark, Maarten Steenhagen, Paul Kuypers
  • Art Against Culture, Pictura Dordrecht in coöperation with Maarten Janssen, with Lidwien van de Ven, Jeroen Bosch, Friederike Feldmann a.o.
  • Cut for purpose, Curious Little Sister rents an office, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
  • Hey You!, 1646 The Hague, a project with Marijn van Kreij and Nickel van Duijvenboden on the interaction between the original and reflection.
  • As curator in the Brak-programma he worked with a.o.: Martijn Hendriks, Dieter Roelstraete, gerlach en koop, Evi Vingerling and Nickel van Duijvenboden

Jack Segbars lives and works in Rotterdam.


Individual projects

    • Author, Platform and Spectator

      By means of a video-interview project with artists, curators, theorists, and organizers, Jack Segbars explores the question of authorship within contemporary art production.…

      West, The Hague (NL)
    • Artistic Production in the Context of Neoliberalism, Autonomy and Heteronomy

      Jack Segbars publishes 'Artistic Production in the Context of Neoliberalism, Autonomy and Heteronomy Revisited by Means of Infrastructural Critique' in PARSE, Issue 9.

      Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, Gothenburg (SE)
    • Autonomous Fabric

      Jack Segbars publishes the article 'Autonomous Fabric' as part of the research-project 'The Autonomous Fabric' initiated by the Autonomous Practices department of Willem…

      Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Gordiaanse knoop, de langzame mars van de instituties

      This essay written by Jack Segbars was published in Metropolis M, #5, 2016. In this essay Segbars reflects on the recent turmoil concerning…

    • Benjamin in Palestine, On the Task of the Translator in the Age of Platform Production

      This essay by Jack Segbars was published in open! Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain.

    • SMBA and Beyond

      Jack Segbars contributes to the round table discussion held during this Public Kick-Off Meeting dedicated to the exploration of current key themes in…

      Teijin Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL)
    • Diversity, Criticism & the closure of SMBA

      Jack Segbars is one of the panelists during this debate organized by Kunstlicht regarding the formation and re-formation of art spaces in Amsterdam.

      SMBA, Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Artist Talk

      Jack Segbars will talk with Sjoerd Westbroek about the presentation ‘Politics of estrangement-naught’ at A Tale of a Tub.

      Justus van Effenstraat 44, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Politics of Estrangement - naught

      In this exhibition Jack Segbars presents an intermediary recording of his long term investigation into the structure of contemporary art production at A…

      Justus van Effenstraat 44, Rotterdam (NL)
    • Benjamin in Palestine: On the Place and Non-Place of Radical Thought

      Jack Segbars gives a presentation and attends the workshops at this conference.

      Ramallah (PS)
    • Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art

      Jack Segbars gives a presentation and attends the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art 2015 concerning Art and the Politics of Estrangement.

      Alter Kehr 20 CH-3953 Leuk-Stadt (CHE)
    • Radical Weakness

      Jack Segbars exhibits his work in this exhibition at Pictura together with Ton Schuttelaar.

      Voorstraat 190-192, Dordrecht (NL)
    • It's very political

      Together with Platform BK, and in cooperation with KNAW, Jack Segbars organises this debate.

      Het Trippenhuis, Kloveniersburgwal 29, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Duet

      In this exhibition Jack Segbars takes the programme of the exhibition space Ruimte Caesuur as a starting point.

      Ruimte Caesuur, Lange Noordstraat 67, Middelburg (NL)
    • Anxious Networks

      Jack Segbars and Maziar Afrassiabi presented this paper at the conference "Polemics of Ressentiment" organized by Sjoerd van Tuinen at the Centre of…

      Rotterdam (NL)
    • 'Inertia' presentation

      Presentation of the publication Inertia by Jack Segbars as part of the Book Lovers project.

      EFA project space, New York (US)
    • The Dutch situation

      For the Norwegian art magazine Billedkunst Jack Segbars was asked to write an article reflecting on the austerity measurements on the arts in…

    • Read my World

      At the Read My World festival Jack Segbars presented a video-installation of 'Inertia'.

      Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam (NL)
    • Metropolis M review

      Review by Jack Segbars in Metropolis M on the lecture-performance ‘zero probability II’ by Rabih Mroué and Hito Steyerl at the Stedelijk Museum…

    • Hey You!

      An exhibition by Jack Segbars with Marijn van Kreij and Nickel van Duijvenboden

      1646, The Hague (NL)