Individual Project

Civic Virtue: Grand Tour 2012

Kunstverein Milan (IT)

The collective Civic Virtue (with PhDArts student Ruchama Noorda) lands in Milan for the Italian part of their Grand Tour.

Grand Tour 2012 is an itinerant and collective art project developed by the Amsterdam-based artists' collective CIVIC VIRTUE (Geirthrudur Finbogadottir, Gijs Wahl, Ruchama Noorda e Brian McKenna). The Grand Tour had previous stops at Hinterconti (Hamburg), After-the-Butcher (Berlin), Flatform (Bijlmer) and Lettergieterij (Amsterdam), and will conclude with a major solo exhibition at W139 in Amsterdam in 2013.

Coming up in Milano:

  • EUROPA THE COW / EUROPA THE MOON GODDESS. A slideshow presentation explaining the methods and metaphorical device of the Grand Tour in words and pictures
  • a new line of silk scarves which will carry the allegorical language of CIVIC VIRTUE into new material and towards a new audience
  • An exhibition-dinner, as a simultaneous evocation of spirits and a buffet of ideologies to be tasted. A very first preview of the Grand Tour movie with the original soundtrack by composer Natalia Dominguez will be shown on this occasion.

CIVIC VIRTUE was established in 2010 around a shared interest in social communities. It is an aesthetic experiment positioned at the crux of revolt and revival, renewal and conservation, and which provides a dynamic social platform in which to create useful signs for the future. CIVIC VIRTUE is a neoclassical revival, which organizes itself around symbols of power and virtue. CIVIC VIRTUE is currently on a Grand Tour around Europe, through the entrails of history and past important monuments of revival.