Individual Project

Mediterranea 16 Young Artists Biennial

Ancona (IT)

PhDArts student Lilo Nein will show the performative installation "The Audience Is Present" during the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM).

Mediterranea 16 Young Artists Biennial is focusing on regimes of knowledge and mechanism of formation in the field of art, but also reflecting upon these processes in the wider society. Starting from the study of informal strategies of learningand self-education practices, the curatorial team proposes three different ways of dealing with the subject:

  • an exhibition comprising visual arts, performances, screenings and music. The exhibition is envisioned as a fluctuating form, an experimental ground, interconnecting visual and performative arts (and music), yet spatially dominant segment of the Biennial. The artists will be selected through an open call that will be launched in November and distributed through various channels in the partner countries and beyond.
  • a self-generated library with a series of talks. The library is meant to be the heart, or better to say- the generator of the biennial. Every artist selected will be invited to bring a book, a text or any sort of material that one finds crucial for one´s artistic formation. Besides, the library will serve as a meeting and exchange point, place of movement and activities. It will host lectures, talks, screenings, as well as less formal gatherings.
  • an open program created by citizens of Ancona. The program has a working title “show and tell” and invites everyone interested (artists and general public) to share experiences, stories and reflections about the city. The Biennial does not only have the intention to talk to Ancona, we would like to Ancona talk to us. The contributions may vary in their form and content, ranging from individual artistic expressions, community actions to the personally envisaged city walks, tours through the city of Ancona, imaginary and revelatory at the same time.

The title of Mediterranea 16 will be Errors Allowed, as a reference to a different regard given to the position that “mistakes” have in the processes of education. Besides, this concept becomes stronger if related with the enquiry on “young” artists that the Biennial asks.

Mediterranea 16 will be held in Ancona, from June 6th until July 7th 2013.
Curators of the event will be: Charlotte Bank, Alessandro Castiglioni, Nadira Laggoune, Delphine Leccas, Slobodne Veze/Loose Associations, Marco Trulli and Claudio Zecchi.

© Lilo Nein 2012, Photo: Magdalena Fischer, Performer: Beatrix Curran