Individual Project

Ebifananyi I: The Photographer; Deo Kyakulagira

Markere University Art Gallery in Kampala (UG)

Andrea Stultiens exhibits work in dialogue Ugandan photographer Deo Kyakulagira.

In this exhibition the works of Ugandan photographer Deo Kyakulagira (1940-2000) are shown in its full spectrum. The photographs on display are images made for the different institutions Kyakulagira worked for, as well as examples from his studio practice and some photographs of events that took place immediately after the bush war in Uganda and Museveni's seizure of power.
Andrea Stultiens, cofounder of History in Progress Uganda (HIP), edited his work presented in this exhibition and added some of her own contemporary photographs to create a dialogue between the past and the present.
The book "The Photographer; Deo Kyakulagira" is also presented. It is the first edition of a new book series called Ebifananyi (Likenesses) published by HIP. Each book of the Ebifananyi series will focus on one specific photo collection and/or photographer in Uganda.

Image from the book "The Photographer;Deo Kyakulagira", photo Deo Kyakulagira