Individual Project

On the Move

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)

Andrea Stultiens participates in the exhibition On the Move: Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design with the work 'The Photographer - Deo Kyakulagira (1940-2000)'.

On the Move focuses on recent developments in photography and reveals the myriad ways in which artists and photographers build their narratives in dialogue with graphic designers. In the work Stultiens tells the story of the Ugandan portrait photographer Deo Kyakulagira and his family. Working with Kyakulagira's photographic archive, Stultiens explores the images’ narrative possibilities. Stultiens considers her position to be more of an artistic researcher than artist or photographer. Taking as her starting point the visual documentation of individuals in Uganda such as Kyakulagira, she investigates the country’s colonial and postcolonial history.