Individual Project

Be’al Peh (Speaking It)

The Israeli Center for Digital Art

Thalia Hoffman contributes to the 2nd Annual Conference of the Israeli Center for Digital Art with the work Be’al Peh (Speaking It).

Be’al Peh (Speaking It) operates as part of Radio Halas, is a platform for the stories of residents of the neighborhoods located along the Ayalon South Highway. During the conference Ayalon Highway Radio will broadcast conversations with residents, recorded stories, thoughts about the needs and desires of the region’s community radio operators, and socio-geographic discussions about the different neighborhoods along the Ayalon South Highway.

The conference engages in the neighborhood as an arena for global forces and processes. It examines a variety of ideas and practices from Israel and around the world for contending with these forces and processes – with emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration between art, education, social work, and associated disciplines.