Individual Project


NL, Amsterdam

In the schematic and slightly surrealistic film essay 'Two', Riccardo Giacconi sketches out the development of the neighborhood Milano 2, which would later turn into the home of TeleMilano.

Silvio Berlusconi’s long tentacles stretch out to almost every section of Italian society. The self-made billionaire and three-time prime minister owns publishing houses, a film company and various TV stations, and was the owner of soccer team AC Milan for more than 30 years. His first successes were in the construction business. In early 1970s Milan, he completed a variety of large building projects, including the utopian Milano 2 that he conceived as a "ghetto for the rich."

As Italy’s first commercial TV station, TeleMilano represented the start of Berlusconi’s media empire—it also served as the basis for his future political power. Meanwhile, the area has come to resemble yet another normal suburb. Presented through aged and yellowed pictures, the right-wing populist ideology of those times seems far away. But the location shots aren't frozen in the past—they show actual movement. Even after a half century, Berlusconi’s influence is still very much alive.