Individual Project

Stopping Point

Daily Lazy Projects, Athens (GD)

Eleni Kamma participates in the group exhibition 'Stopping Point', showing the new work 'The Selfie Junkie and The Fool' from her studies into characters for a parrhesiastic theater parade.

The exhibition takes as its point of departure a poem by Antoine Tudal, which describes the difficulty of love through the acoustic and verbal similarity of “love” (l’amour) and “wall” (le mur) in French. It reveals what pushes away instead of uniting, what stands as an obstacle and makes relationships incompatible through the difference of the subjects.

In perceiving the wordplay of l’a-mur as an insurmountable “love-wall”, or even as a temporarily surmountable obstacle, the exhibition aims at parodying discontinuity in this libidinal architecture of delimitation and cut.

Eleni Kamma, The Selfie Junkie and The Fool (from Studies into Characters for a parrhesiastic theater parade), 50 x 66 cm, watercolor on paper, 2017