Individual Project

Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2018

DekWest, Amsterdam (NL)

Anja Groten organises the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2018 entitled 'FAKE IT! FAKE US! FAKE ME! FAKE THEM! FAKE YOU!'

In recent years our use and understanding of notions such as truth and reality have been heavily challenged. “White Lies”, “Fake News” and “Alternative Facts” are buzzwords that illustrate how truth might have become obsolete, and needs to be reconsidered. The notion of truth must be questioned as much within discourses of journalism as within the digital humanities, computer science, engineering, art and design practices. What are those tools and technologies–that we are building, using and updating, and therefore constantly reaffirming–capable of? Do you really know? Do we need to know? By giving the 4th edition of the H&D Summer Academy (HDSA2018) the title: Fake it! Fake them! Fake you! Fake us!... H&D calls for taking things into own hands. By inviting hackers/designers/makers/artists to come together for 2 weeks in the summer we aim to establish a critical perspective on truth as such, and call for an informed dealing and working with multiple truths.

Tutors and mentors will become participants, participants become workshop leaders–everyone will be taken on the collective venture of shared responsibility, bringing in own expertise, urgencies and experience.