Individual Project


Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam (NL)

Andrea Stultiens presents research into the photographic work of Dutch anthropologist Paul Julien entitled 'Mission' at the Dutch Fotomuseum in Rotterdam.

'Mission' focuses on the photographic work of Paul Julien (1901-2001), an anthropologist and amateur photographer. For his anthropological research, Julien frequently travelled to Africa where he often made use there of the missionaries’ facilities and expertise. By the time he died, he had accumulated a sizable photography and film archive. For this presentation, Andrea Stultiens (1974) responded to the photos that Julien took during his travels through Liberia (1932) and Sudan (1933 & 1947). For this purpose, she made various journeys to these countries taking pictures made by Julien along with her. There, she consulted local specialists such as storytellers, journalists and photographers to collect stories related to Julian’s pictures with the aim of contributing to a nuanced perception of the huge and diverse African continent.

'Mission' was realised in collaboration with the Limburgs Museum where it was on show from 11 December 2016 to 26 March 2017.