Individual Project

Photographic portraits and the possible agency of the sitter

Studio Loos, The Hague (NL)

Judith van IJken presents the lecture 'Work in progress: Les cliches sont conservés/Photographic portraits and the possible agency of the sitter' at the third session of art_research_convergance (ARC), an outreach initiative of Leiden University for artistic research.

Artistic research projects presented this evening share the fact that they critically re-assess the media of art, using these very media as both tool and method. Judith van IJken’s artistic exploration of portrait-making seeks to understand today’s culture of liking, sharing and displaying of photographic portraits while Benjamin Schoonenberg considers film media in order to explicit the relation between time and the moving image. Sabin Garea, in turn, proposes a performative inquiry into purposelessness: what are we left with when the artwork is but the destruction of another artwork? Finally, Miguelángel Clerc rethinks the ontology of immersive sound environments through processes of decomposition. Looking inside out at their own practice they ask themselves: what is this? Respondent is Marijke Cobbenhagen, Designer of Dialogue at The Grey Space.