Individual Project

Fake it! Fake you! Fake us!

In 2018 Hackers & Designers proposed to explore the notion of truth by interrogating what the tools and technologies that we are building, using and updating and therefore reaffirming are capable of? Do we really know? Do we need to know? The 4th edition of the H&D Summer Academy (HDSA2018) was given the title: Fake it! Fake them! Fake you! Fake us! calling for taking truth into own hands.

By inviting hackers/designers/makers/artists who took part in our activities in 2018 to participate to this new publication we propose to establish a critical perspective on truth and accountability in relation to technology, and call for an informed dealing and working with multiple truths. Together we look at the role of technical applications within the de-/construction of truth. How can the tools we build and use shape how we publish and consume media? Who can we trust when the concept of truth has vanished? Can ideas of 'subjectivity' replace the notions of objectivity and rationality? What happens to responsibility and accountability?

With contributions by André Fincato, Anja Groten, Antonin Giroud-Delorme, Biyi Wen, Celeste Perret, Colm O’Neill, fanfare, Formes Vives, Hay Kranen, James Bryan Graves, Jaroslav Toussaint, Jeannette Weber, Joana Chicau, Lacey Verhalen, Leith Behkhedda, Leon Butler, Lucas LaRochelle, Meike Hardt, Nishant Shah, Roberta Esposito, Ruben Baart, Shailoh Philips, the participants to the Summer Academy 2018 and the participants of the Universe of [ ] Images.

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