Individual Project

Design Friction

Onomatopee, Eindhoven (NL)

Anja Groten publishes the article 'Design Friction' in the journal ‘Modes of Criticism 4: Radical Pedagogy’ and gives a talk at the publication launch during Dutch Design Week.

In recent years, the word ‘radical’ has risen to new levels of popularity within the design discipline at large. 'Modes of Criticism 4: Radical Pedagogy' investigates the use of the word ‘radical’ in design education, discourse and practice. By means of various contributions by a.o. Danah Abdulla, depatriarchise design, Tanveer Ahmed and Anja Groten, this volume traces the precedents, problems, and challenges involved with the use of the word ‘radical’ within the design discipline.

On Saturday 19 October, we will launch ‘Modes of Criticism 4: Radical Pedagogy’ at the new Onomatopee space together with its editor Francisco Laranjo and contributors Anja Groten and Maya Ober ('depatriarchise design'), hosted by Onomatopee's 'Design activism catalyst' Joannette van der Veer. By means of the contributions titled 'Design Friction and Working From Within', the authors will go into conversation with Francisco Laranjo and the audience to delve into the topics discussed. The discussion also serves as fuel for the presentation pillar for 'Radical Pedagogy' that will remain on show during and after Dutch Design Week.