Individual Project

Interfacial Work-Out

Enigma, Copenhagen (DK)

Together with Hackers & Designers Anja Groten gives an introduction to intra-active bodily publishing exercises at POST Design Festival in Copenhagen.

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) is the designer's daily companion – friendly and convenient it translates binary calculations into seemless and intuitive interactions. As skilled designers we embody our interfaces. While intuitively scrolling clicking dragging dropping we provoke the computer to deploy react and return. In this intensive work-out session we will investigate the notion of embodiment in relation to designer-computer intra-action. Together we will explore bodily ways to break with our own design habits by imagining what it could mean to physically engage with our design tools and a design process. Forget about your keyboards and trackpads. Together we will be designing bodily interfaces that let us design a publication with gestures.