Individual Project

Obfuscation platframe

The obfuscation platframe was designed and built by Anja Groten and Karl Moubarak on the occasion of the ‘3rd Workshop on Obfuscation’.

The platframe is an online tool convergence designed for the purpose of an online workshop series. The website is also referred to as a platframe rather than a platform as it converges many different tools and environments. The emphasis of difference is important here as the website attempts to make it legible to the platframe user that there are many softwares services and frameworks used rather than creating the illusion of an isolated whole that was built from scratch. The platframe goes through different life cycles – and will facility different intensities of interaction. The main function of the website is a ‘spatially’ distributed chat. Platframe users can leave messages anywhere on the canvas and navigate either through the map or a list. The different ‘regions’ will become more or less active depending on the life cycle of the website. Developed in collaboration with Karl Moubarak.