Researching collectivity as an individual

In conversation with Anja Groten

Metropolis M, an independent magazine for contemporary art, published an interview with PhDArts alumna Anja Groten about her PhD research project Figuring Things Out Together.

Through five years of research at PhDArts (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts Leiden), Anja Groten tried to deepen her understanding of collective design, while reflecting on her personal experience as part of the Amsterdam-based collective Hackers & Designers. Graphic designer and writer, Ruby van Vugt visits Groten to talk about her dissertation and the corresponding book she self-published together with the H&D collective.

You can read the interview here.

Anja Groten, workshop 'Figuring Things Out Together' at Page Not Found in The Hague (2022). Photo by Steven Maybury.jpeg